I have a special gift I can see, hear and feel loved ones that have passed on, I communicate with the dead.


Dear Jason! I want to thank you very much for the reading you gave myself and my girls!  I came away with such a feeling of peace although a little shaken.  I was so happy that you were able to confirm that my husband was with me and the girls.  There were somethings that you said that there is no possible way you could have known.  My girls felt the same way.  It is very hard for us to believe that Rick is gone from this earth, but to have you confirm that he is with all of us is such a great feeling.  I have always known he was here, but you validated it. From wearing a piece of his ashes on my necklace to the pat on the bum to the dance and the motorcycles to name a few.  Calling out Nancy's name.  Oh my goodness.  I would highly recommend Jason if you are looking for someone to help you.  I am so looking forward to meeting with you again in the near future!  I have listened to my reading a number of times now and each time I feel better.  Thank you so much on behalf of the girl for the book and the CD's.  I am sure we will all benefit from reading the book and listening to the CD's. Please feel free to share this on your wall or your website! Thank you again and we will be in touch down the road!  -C.H (Whitby)★★★★★

Thank you so much for the email reading you are amazing. I cannot express my sincere gratitude. You were so accurate about many things. I feel so great now.What you said about my parents was amazing. -M.H (Whitby)★★★★★

Very hard to put into words the wonderful experience i had during my reading. It's much more than just a reading. I really received what i needed to hear and a "spiritual kick in the butt" lol. I'm looking forward to seeing him again and telling him about my progress. Highly recommended him.
-SB (Durham Region)

"I had a Skype reading and I was super skeptical but you connect via webcam it was the most profound reading I have ever had ... this was a level of accuracy and insight that shook me to my core.." -J.M (Toronto)★★★★★

"It was amazing in the way he described my mother who passed away few years ago and things that just me and her would known, regarding my daughter the description of her present situation was incredible and the advice for the future to be considered. He told us in the end that we have a celebration in that day (my birthday). We'll definitely go back to see him sometimes and we will honestly recommend to anyone who is ready for this experience." -C.S (Scarborough)★★★★★

"I am not only a satisfied customer but an extremely loyal one. This was such a positive experience all the best will keep in touch thanks again!"

-L.B (Courtice)★★★★★

"I hosted a psychic party with Jason and 7 of my family and friends today. To be honest I was very skeptical going into this. I have had other psychics before that do the same old stuff (tarot cards and read very vague no specific information) But after my reading I have to say I was amazed and pleased with my time with Jason.  Let's just say blown away ..I believe in him and his abilities. Jason told me things that there is no way he would have ever known. I was wearing my fathers ashes in a small locked around my neck under my shirt and he picked up on it right away..... I can't thank him enough. When my reading was over I had tears of joy connecting with my father who has passed. After everyone's reading were done, we all sat around and talked. Overall everyone was happy and glad they met with him. I would recommend Jason to anyone who is interested in readings. I will definitely be calling him again."
Thanks again Jason
-K.B (Whitby)★★★★★

"Jason , Thank you for the reading. I have to be honest, it was the 1st time for me for this type of reading over the phone. Now that I've had time to reflect, it was truly a blessing to hear the messages from the other side and your ability to interpret was amazing. Also the fact that my grandma on my mom's side is with me was quite amazing too. I just didn't expect it. I told my mom about it and she was in tears as she had been thinking of her mom a lot recently. I offered her a reading with you as a XMAS present. Thank you
-J.H (Northern Ontario)

"Jason, I just want to thank you for coming into my home and helping my sisters and I connect with our beloved Mother & Father. It gave all of us such a comfort and we all agree that you have a wonderful gift. I look forward to connecting with you in the future."
-J.C (Ajax)

"I came across your website searching for a medium to perform readings for a group(psychic party). I could not have been more fortunate to find your website and meet with you. Everyone in our group was amazed at your accuracy and ability to connect with various aspects of their lives. Many within the group will be returning for private sessions to delve further into the amazing readings they received!"
-K.Y (Oshawa)★★★★★

I just wanted to say WOW my experience was out of this world I cannot tell you how crazy it was. I don't know how he does it but he does it and the detail and information that came thru him in my session was incredible and short of being truly amazing. There is no way, no how and in any other manner if he was not connecting directly with my husband could he know the circumstances of his passing to, the private moments we shared to nicknames we called each other to events that happen before and after his death. I was a skeptic at first and after my reading with Jason I am a true full on believer. I would recommend him over any of the top psychics or mediums anywhere in the world. He is truly remarkable and I thank him for the wonderful experience I had with reconnecting with my husband.
-J.K (Ajax)


Thank you Jason for the wonderful session I wanted to give you a referral testimonial as you are the real deal. I had connected to you by a feeling from my mother who had just passed and you had indicated for me to wait for at least a month before meeting with you. I was so drawn to sit with you and was thankful that you had an opening within the week that I had to sit in front of you. I do have to admit once the session started and I felt the energy in the room change and how everything became super cold I knew something was happening. After you explained to me what was occurring I felt more comfortable and so much better when you started to give me information about my mother. The validation on things that you had no way of knowing personal details is incredible I truly believe and know we connected with my mother. Thank you again for your wonderful gift. - P.T (Ajax)

"Well, finally a REAL PSYCHIC who ACTUALLY KNOWS SOMETHING FOR REAL. You're the best!"
-T.M (Sudbury)★★★★★

Thank you SOOO much. This session meant a lot in so many ways. Since I saw you I was offered 2 incredible contracts in video work!! Pretty much my dream jobs! I think I will be making some serious changes that will release my energy and let me do the work I am meant to do. I am in awe to see such synchronicity and things happen in my life, especially this week. I was able to meditate and pray yesterday for the first time. It has been such a struggle for the last few years and I was able to do it for 1.5 hours! Endless gratitude and would love to stay in touch. -L.M (Toronto)★★★★★ 

Jason..Thank you so much for such a revitalizing reading. Going in to meet with you I was excited and unsure what to expect, as this was my first reading done. I was hoping to get in touch with my mom who was on the other side and who has such a big place in my heart. Not only was I able to connect with her, and receive validation that she is always with me and aware of what is happening in my life, but I was able to discuss personal issues that I have been having and how to overcome them. It was almost a "therapy session", although I hate to use that word because I have always been one to be adverse to that type of thing. It was the first time I was able to openly discuss problems in my life in a safe environment with a trusting loved one on the other side. Needless to say, I left the session with so much hope for the future and a sense of ease, that everything is all right. I left with the motivation and drive to continue persevering in work, mental health, and in life - and it was so much more encouraging receiving this from my mother. Thank you so much Jason for helping me let go of the negative energy in the past and continue on to a positive future. I could not have been happier with our session. (A.W Toronto, ON)★★★★★ 

Jason, I am so impressed with your abilities and gifts I wanted to send you a testimonial for your website. I recently attended a psychic party with Jason and he did a reading for me and my daughter.  I wanted my husband to come thru that had passed in a fatal accident. Once we started to make the connection Jason was able to provide validation and confirmation that my husband was truly speaking thru him to us. It was so emotional that all of use were crying and sobbing by the end. I cannot thank him enough for this special gift he has give me and my daughter.
-K.K (Courtice)★★★★

Jason it was so much fun having you for my psychic party everyone had a wonderful time and you impressed everyone that sat with you for a reading. I wanted to thank you for doing the readings for my family and friends. We are so happy and grateful for you connecting with our son that recently passed. You have no idea how much it meant to us to be able to connect with him thru you. My husband was very skeptical prior to his reading and he actually covered up the tattoo that he got in memory of our son. There is no way you would have know about the tattoo's and they came out in the reading. Thank you.
-KG (Toronto)★★★★

Hi Jason, I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful reading and the perfect message you gave me from my father that has passed on. You said he wanted congratulated me on my recent engagement that was going to take place the following weekend. To my surprise I did not see that one coming and was very skeptical. You had no prior information to predict that I was going to be purposed to by my current boyfriend and as it turns out you were right on the money to the exact day and what he was wearing and where he was going to be asking me. Thank you so much and I will be sending my mother next week to get a full reading. All the best.
-C.M (Brooklyn,ON)

Thank you Jason for the wonderful reading and to be honest with you I was skeptical. I had ask my grandfather to come thru for me if he is around me. I asked him in advance to say a certain word and describe a scene of me and him. The reason I did that is because I wanted to ensure it was really him and to my surprise you described him and the scene and I started to cry when you said the word. The psychic party was great and only doing a 20 min reading was all worth it. You are 100% the real deal. Thank  you. -JD (Toronto)★★★★

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